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South + Central Queensland

Our Manager & Steering Committee

Kerry Fullarton, Hub Manager

Kerry has over 30 years’ experience as a senior manager for a range of Government sponsored and private sector projects. With a strong background in stakeholder engagement and project management, Kerry has delivered a broad range of skills based and business outcomes in the Central and South-East Queensland region.

Mihai Daian, Hub Technical Advisor

Experienced Forestry/Wood Products Senior Consultant (PhD in Timber Engineering, MSc in Marketing & Management and BSc in Forestry/Wood Technology) and project manager with 20+ years of experience in wood processing, sustainable development, management consulting and wood products markets assessment and marketing.


James Hyne (Chair)

Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Hyne Timber


Mark Diedrichs,

Fibre Supply Manager NSW/QLD for AKD Softwoods

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Sue Joseph

Managing Director
Bassett Barks


Curly Tatnell
Managing Director

DTM Timber

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Harish Lal

Chief Financial Officer


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Dr Greg Leach

Senior Policy Advisor


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Rowan Wallace-Hill

Manufacturing Operations Manager - QLD

Laminex Industries

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Ross Lakin

Development Manager -Sawmilling

Parkside Group

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Charlie Saykao

Operations Manager

QLD Commodity Exports


Mark Blackberry



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Mick Stephens


Timber Queensland

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Leann Wilson, Managing Director Regional Economic Solutions


Bronson Thomas, Central Queensland Organiser,
The Australian Workers’ Union

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Luke Bulkeley 

Director (Observer)

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

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Patrick McCarthy

Senior Policy Officer (Observer)

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

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