South + Central Queensland

Our Focus


We will promote and tell our story as a future industry.


Our strategy to achieve this is to:

  • implement a communications strategy that runs across all our areas of focus.

Skills & Training

We will support forestry training and education and promote further uptake of forestry-related courses.  In addition we will support sustainability and contribute to growing a skilled and safe workforce to meet industry’s future needs.


Our strategy to achieve this is to:

  • Engage in community awareness promoting job opportunities for future industry growth.

  • Promote forestry pathways and training to schools and VET sector ensuring a good match of knowledge and practical skills of graduates with qualifications.

  • Grow workforce development drivers for improving forestry workforce capacity and skills needed in the sector.

  • Review training resources to ensure they capture industry needs.

Manufacturing Competitiveness

Our goal is to maximise manufacturing processes and products through innovation, science, and technology, and add value through improved supply chain logistics.

Our strategy to achieve this is to:

  • Determine the factors influencing competitiveness of forestry and wood products in the region.

  • Assess required changes in forestry production and processing to improve competitiveness.

  • Improve our transport infrastructure and haulage efficiencies.

Plantation Investment Models

Our focus is to grow the forestry sector to deliver strong financial outcomes and design and test new models of investment for plantation forest.

Our strategy to achieve this is to:

  • Undertake assessment of land available for plantation forest investments within the region.

  • Assess Landowner requirements for plantation investment and identify funding mechanisms available.

  • Support new investment ideas by working with landowners and investors to reach expansion goals.

Completed Projects

Planning and approvals requirements for new plantations in Australia

PNF Tech_Processing.png
Native Forest Management

We want to ensure ecological and sustainable forest management of native vegetation on private and state property for increasing timber supply.

Our strategy to achieve this is to:

  • Support integrated timber production co-existing with agricultural and

  • conservation practices.

  • Provide and promote sustainable management practices creating healthy forests delivering a robust native forestry future.

  • Address barriers to improving private native forestry practices for wood supply.

Bioenergy & Carbon

We aim to promote the benefits of forestry in reducing climate change, by delivering bioenergy, carbon storage, and biomass for future sustainable growth.

Our strategy to achieve this is to:

  • Promote ecological stewardship as a low-carbon, clean, green producer of natural products.

  • Efficient use of forest residues and renewable materials.

  • Develop pathways for the use of low-value biomass.