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Developing the North: land suitability, workforce planning and First Nations engagement

Land suitability, labour demand and training capacity are focus areas for North Queensland Regional Forestry Hub projects released today for an expression of interest (EOI) process closing 29 March 2023.

Given the focus on opportunities to progress growth, the North Queensland Regional Forestry Hub is also pleased to announce it is working with Kimberly Cultural Connection’s Director, Cissy Gore-Birch in developing protocols to assist the Hub on meaningful engagement with Traditional Owners, Prescribed Body Corporates (PBC), Representative Bodies, Aboriginal Communities and other Stakeholders operating on Native Title land and other tenures managed and owned.  Read more.

Young softwood pine plantation, FNQ.JPG

Fostering Future Foresters

South & Central Queensland Regional Forestry Hub Manager Kerry Fullarton was recently invited to attend Timber Queensland's Introduction to the Forest & Timber Industry:  Grow, Harvest & Process school tour and to meet students from Aldridge State High School, Maryborough. 


The day commenced visiting forestry operations at HQPlantations at Tuan Forest to learn about a day in the life of a forester.  Sunchip Group then presented information about VET pathways to start a career in harvest and haulage. The next stop was the Hyne Timber Tuan Plant to gain a better understanding of processing softwood and hardwood timber.  To wrap up the day, the students visited DTM Timber Dry Mill & Timber Truss & Frame Plant to gain an understanding of apprenticeships and traineeships available.


Students also had the opportunity to watch a number of virtual reality experiences.

Telia Pauchet and Clarissa Brandt from Timber Queensland met with Kerry Fullarton at the Sunchip Tuan site.

Gympie industry leaders meet to discuss workforce planning

Regional Forestry Hub Manager Kerry Fullarton recently attended a Gympie Chamber of Commerce breakfast held for the business community, educators and high school students allowing them to meet and discuss the attributes, life skills, skills or qualifications industry needs now and in the near future, and how the educators can align their programs to meet those needs. 


Forest and timber industry participants were particularly interested in understanding what input educators need to deliver relevant and timely attributes skills and qualifications to their students.  Understanding what school leavers and job seekers are looking for when preparing to enter the workforce and their current level of understanding  about local employment opportunities were issues also discussed.

Kerry Fullarton, Adan Taylor – GMT Logging, Daniel Pfrunder – HQPlantations and Kylie Newey – Jobs Queensland met to discuss forestry industry requirements.


Growing Careers

Did you know that about 10% of Queensland's forest and timber jobs are located in the Moreton Bay region?


The South + Central Queensland Regional Forestry Hub recently worked with the Local Jobs Program - Queensland and Moreton Bay Regional Council to host a  Forestry & Timber Industry Career forum promoting the forest and timber industry to job seekers and careers advisors.


Local employers Kennedy's Timbers, HQPlantations, AKD Softwoods and Timbertruss all sent representatives to explain the career pathways available simply by getting started in an entry role position can deliver. 

The robust discussion provided plenty of food for thought for school leavers and job seekers looking to "so something cool and make a difference.".

You can learn more about the range of roles available in the industry watch this video.

National Forestry Day

The South & Central Queensland Regional Forestry Hub in collaboration with Maryborough Aboriginal Corporation hosted a National Forestry Day event on 30 August, with a tree planting ceremony and morning tea at the newly established Moonaboola Gardens at Saltwater Creek Road, Maryborough. 


The inaugural theme for National Forestry Day is “Planting for the Future”.  Kerry Fullarton, South East + Central Hub Manager said the group planted Hoop Pines also know as Araucaria Cunninghamii,  a symmetrical, cone-shaped tree that grows up to 60 m in height and gets its common name from the outer layer of bard which forms scale-like horizontal hoops.


"We were joined by forest and timber industry representatives including the Hubs Chair, James Hyne from Hyne Timber, Lead Forester, Stephen Mahon from HQPlantations and OH&S Manager and Special Projects, Jana Costello from Sunchip Group" said Kerry


National Forestry Day.jpg

Mapping the future

North Queensland Regional Forestry Hub Manager Hulton King recently attended the Developing Northern Australia Conference in Mackay to present on a report commissioned by the Hub, “Emerging Forestry Opportunities for Northern Australia using GIS Hotspot Analysis”.


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a digital system that can be used to store, manage, analyse, display, and communicate landscape related information, in this instance, about forestry and its influencing factors, drivers, and constraints. This foundational platform can assist the Hub in providing meaningful guidance to Government and Industry. 


The soon to be published report contains mapping showing that given a 10 factor increase in prospective plantation forestry for the regions and a 30 factor increase for native forestry, there is significant opportunity to further investigate hotspot areas. While many forestry planning matters are yet to considered or applied to these areas, this foundational analysis will assist in guiding future investigation and investment across the hubs’ various bioregions, and adopting new information from subsequent Hub research and collaboration. See the poster that was on display at the conference promoting the project here.

NQ Regional Hub Manager Hulton King met with Mick Stephens, CEO, Timber Queensland  at the Developing Northern Australian Conference., 

Have your say: adhesives and engineered wood products

The Forest Product Innovations (FPI) team at the Salisbury Research Facility, a part of the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) are conducting a review of the current knowledge and attitudes towards adhesives used and the products that are produced throughout the Australian timber industry.


The team are surveying industry regarding the manufacture of sawn timber engineered wood products (EWPs) including; glulam, cross laminated timber (CLT), edge glued panels and blockboard along with veneer and fibre based EWPs including; plywood, laminated veneer lumber, particle board and medium density fibreboard (MDF).


More information about the review and the questions FPI DAF are seeking your answers to is available here.

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Supporting the "Decision Tree"

Kerry Fullarton, South + Central Queensland Regional Forestry Hub Manager recently attended the National Carbon Farming Conference and joined Hub Managers from NSW, VIC and SA at  an exhibition stand promoting the WA Regional Forestry Hub project ‘Decision Tree’. 


The Decision Tree tool has been designed to rapidly assess the suitability of WA farms for plantation forestry, as well as provide information and assistance to landowners seeking to plant trees.

Farm forestry provides an opportunity for landowners to plant a long term crop for timber production, while offering multiple benefits along the way. These benefits include:

  • providing shelter for stock and crop

  • increased biodiversity

  • other environmental benefits such as decreased erosion

  • habitat restoration

  • increased water quality

  • salinity control

  • diversification and an alternative source of income.

Regional Hub Managers discuss the Decision Tree (L-R) South + Central QLD Kerry Fullarton, Murray Region NSW  Phil Clements, Central West NSW Heath Molden, South West WA Wendy Perdon, Gippsland Lesia Clarke.


South + Central Queensland Regional Forestry Hub announces targeted EOI’s for research and development projects

Manufacturing competitiveness, bioenergy and carbon are focus areas for a South + Central Queensland Regional Forestry Hub’s round of projects released today for an expression of interest (EOI) process closing 1 April 2022.


Hub Manager Kerry Fullarton says the Hub, which was established as part of the Commonwealth Government’s National Forest Industries Plan, is focused on leveraging and implementing projects to boost productivity and growth in the sector to meet Australia’s future needs for wood and fibre in the next decade. Read more

North Queensland Forestry Hub appoints inaugral manager

After a thorough selection process by the regional Steering Committee, Hulton King has been appointed as Hub Manager. Mr King, who grew up planting hoop pines over weekends at his family’s Atherton Tablelands property, has previously worked across a range of Government-sponsored research projects in the region as a programs manager for the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre. His recent appointment to the Terrain NRM board as an emerging leader was an opportunity to identify the need for more robust regenerative economies for the region.


“The timber industry already generates $70 million of economic activity in the region and I look forward to working with local suppliers, stakeholders and timber users to assist in furthering North Queensland’s forest and timber industry,” said Mr King. Read more

Hulton King (pictured on the left) meets with Timber Queensland CEO Mick Stephens (pictured on the right).


South-East + Central Queensland forestry hub management team ready to get to work

The South-East Queensland regional forestry hub took a big-step forward last week with the appointment of the management team to implement and progress further development of the industry in the region.

After a thorough selection process by the regional Steering Committee, Kerry Fullarton has been appointed as Hub Manager. Kerry has over 30 years’ experience as a senior manager for a range of Government sponsored and private sector projects. With a strong background in stakeholder engagement and project management, Kerry said she has delivered a broad range of skills based and business outcomes in the local area. Read more

Strategic Review Workshop: Long-term investment a ‘must’ for a
sustainable industry to meet demand

If feed-back was a meal, participants at a recent Queensland strategic forest industry review workshop on Monday enjoyed a banquet. Response from the workshop run in Maryborough by the South and Central Queensland regional forestry hub “was incredible”, said hub manager Kerry Fullarton.  The workshop was the hub’s first step in engaging industry, bringing together 40 industry leaders. Priorities were identified and tasks allocated to the most suitable organisation. Read more 

Article supplied by Timber & Forestry eNews 

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